Goshen Prepping – Basics of Preparedness Booklet – PDF Copy

Plus FREE 72-Hour Preparedness Printable Checklist

The Goshen Prepping – Basics of Preparedness contains a wealth of information for the beginner to intermediate prepper including a general understanding of survival in case of collapse. The book entails the basic necessities including Water, Purification, Food, Storage, Shelter, Heat, First Aid, Home Defense, Weapons, Bug-Out Bag, and assembling a 72-Hour Kit.

0,Goshen Prepping – Basics of Preparedness

Goshen Prepping – 72-Hour Printable Checklist

Goshen Prepping has compiled a thorough list and recommendations for food that requires little preparation to make it through a 72-hour emergency situation.

0,Goshen Prepping – Printable 72-Hour Preparation Checklist

Out of Goshen Family Favorite Recipe Cookbooks

Special Note – Kosher Ingredients

Although there are no unkosher ingredients in the book, for our strict kosher following friends, there are some recipes that do mix meat and dairy. Of course, you are always welcome to substitute some of the ingredients in those specific recipes. We just wanted to be up front before you bought a copy of the book.

0,The Out of Goshen Family Favorites Cookbook – 200 Family Favorite Recipes

Get your copy of the Out of Goshen Family Favorites Cookbook. It contains 200 of the family favorites, wrapped in humorous stories and anecdotes.

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