NewAir Dual Zone Fridge – Amazing!

NewAir Dual Zone Fridge – Amazing!

So, as many of our followers know, we get a NewAir Dual Zone- Wine and Beverage Fridge. At first, I thought it might be one of those dorm room cheapies I was used to when getting my undergrad. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

First, this fridge is quality. We’re not used to too many elegant items in our home, but this fridge is top-notch. More so, I was curious how cold it would keep our wine and beverages. I checked it with my infrared thermometer and it’s colder than our kitchen fridge.

Turns out, we love the locks on it too. Little Tovia LOVES to take out all the cans, so the locks keep him out. Can’t blame him – it’s just his size!

The blue lights are cool too. Gives it a nice style.

Lastly, the black and stainless steel trim matches our kitchen perfectly. All in all, we LOVE this fridge and don’t regret getting it for a moment. We highly recommend you look into getting one yourself. You will LOVE IT!

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