Meet the Family

Meet the Family

Meet our family – which is your Out of Goshen family! This picture was taken in the Winter of 2019.

Eric and Ashley were married in 1999 in Colorado.

Eric is a disabled vet from New York while Ashley, born in Michigan, grew up in Colorado.

Naomi, our 20 year old college student has the most pleasant, quiet, and inquisitive personality. She currently attends a local college in which she commutes from home. She loves reading, sewing, criminology, psychology, and conspiracies! She is majoring in Creative Writing and is working on her first novel.

Hannah is our 18 year old High School Senior. She has a bright, colorful, artistic personality that adds color in every aspect of her life. She loves art, her dog Princess Buttercup, cooking, and anything creative.

Samuel is our mechanically-minded, super-sized, fun-loving, prankster 15 year old. He loves to work on anything with his hands, as long as he
can listen to his tunes or has someone working with him.

David is our animal-loving 8 year old jokester. He loves the outdoors, playing with his siblings, riding his bike, and climbing trees. He’s our inquisitive one, always asking countless questions.

Jenna, affectionately known as Jenna Bean, is our pink and sparkly 6 year old. She loves all things pretty and often finds ways to let her parents know that she would love a horse. She has a bright and cheery personality, bringing a smile to everyone’s face.

Corban is our crazy 4 year old with the funniest facial expressions. He loves the outdoors, playing with cars and army men, and just plain gets dirty every chance he gets. He would go to the beach every day if he had his way.

Tovia is our precocious 2 year old. He loves his family, explores his world every chance he gets, and loves nothing more than playing outside. You can tell the way he investigates his world, he’s a thinker.

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